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Once the bell is rung, it cannot be unrung. Once you take the red pill, the illusion cannot be restored. Once you enter the Reality Zone, you can never return to the Twilight Zone.

G. Edward Griffin
circa 1995, Founder


Bundle – Freedom

Many people think freedom is merely not being in jail. It’s easy to be against tyranny, because we can see the dehumanizing consequences. Knowing what we want to replace it is more difficult. It is the common fate of mankind to throw off one tyranny only to replace it with another. Here are the natural laws that must be obeyed for freedom to exist. DVDs

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Freedom Bundle There have been thousands of books written about the philosophical foundation of freedom, and hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in battles against tyrants, yet few people today can agree on what freedom is. Many think it’s merely not being in jail. There is even less consensus on how to write laws and constitutions to keep a balance between personal freedom and public safety. It's easy to be against tyranny, because we can see and feel the dehumanizing consequences. It takes no brains to know what we don't like. Knowing what we want to replace it is far more difficult. Consequently, it is the common fate of mankind to throw off tyranny, at great cost in treasure and blood, only to replace the hated thing with another one just as bad. That will never change until those who fight for freedom understand what natural laws must be obeyed for it to exist and what efforts are required to maintain it. Those are the issues addressed by the programs in this bundle.

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freedom-in-one-lesson-2 Freedom in One Lesson (DVD)  Agents of a just state derive their authority solely from the citizens they serve. That means the state may use physical force to do only those things that individual citizens may use force to do, which is to defend lives, liberty, and property - nothing more. The state, therefore, must be purely defensive, not aggressive, in all that it does. Freedom flows from that. DVD, 1 hour. Normally $19.50
The Dangerous Servant (DVD) A Discourse on Government. G. Edward Griffin responds to questions from a camera crew creating a documentary on the U.S. Constitution. He answers the most difficult questions imaginable in the fields of political and social science. The depth and clarity is amazing, especially considering he is speaking extemporaneously without script or notes. 1 hr and 52 min. Normally $19.50 dangerous-servant-2
an-idea-whose-time-has-come-2 (1) An Idea Whose Time Has Come (DVD) This is an introduction to Freedom Force International by its Founder, G. Edward Griffin. There is no point in worrying about the erosion of freedom that is the reality of our present era if we can do nothing about it. Knowledge without action is useless and leads only to apathy and despair. So the question is: What type of action can reverse this trend? Here is the answer to that question. 81 minutes. Normally: $19.50