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G. Edward Griffin
circa 1995, Founder


Audio Archives Volume III

This volume contains the following programs: Lesson from Austria,Politics of Cancer Therapy, and I Was A Spy for Joseph Stalin.

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This volume includes all programs shown below.

werthmaninaudarchive Lesson from Austria, the personal testimony of Kitty Werthman who saw Hitler's rise to power in pre-war Austria. He did not conquer by force. He was eagerly welcomed by the people because the Nazis promised free health care, retirement income, unemployment benefits, guaranteed wages, free nursery care, equal rights for women, gun control, and other enticements that now are part of the American political scene. Can we learn from Austria's mistake before it is too late? 90 min. Listen to a sample.
The Politics of Cancer Therapy. A lecture by G. Edward Griffin. This is the story of how the pharmaceutical industry, using the power of tax-exempt foundations, was able to gain control over the nation's medical schools and, eventually, over the medical profession. It explains why surgery, drugs, and radiation have become the treatment of choice for cancer, and why non-drug alternatives are often branded as quackery. 60 min. Listen to a sample. griffinpolcaninaudarchive
contractinaudarchive I Was A Spy for Joseph Stalin, the testimony of Alexander Contract; the story of a young Jew in Soviet Russia who became a bodyguard and secret agent for Nikita Khruschev (when he was still a minor figure in the Soviet hierarchy) and, later, for Joseph Stalin. This is an amazing eye-witness account of some of the most important events in history. 60 min.