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Once the bell is rung, it cannot be unrung. Once you take the red pill, the illusion cannot be restored. Once you enter the Reality Zone, you can never return to the Twilight Zone.

G. Edward Griffin
circa 1995, Founder


Audio Archives Volume I

This volume contains the following programs: The Creature from Jekyll Island; A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, MacArthur’s Farewell Address, Sockdolager!, and Natural Progesterone, the Amazing Hormone.

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This volume includes all programs shown below.

The Creature from Jekyll Island Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magicians’ secrets are unveiled. G. Edward Griffin takes a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, the pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. It sounds like a detective story, which it really is, but it’s all true. Based on Mr. Griffin’s book of the same title. 74 minutes. griffininaudarchive
macarthurinaudarchive MacArthur’s Farewell The 5-star general who led American forces to victory in the Pacific during World War II addresses cadets at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1962 and closes his career. One of history's great orations. 32 minutes.
Sockdolager! The year is 1833. Col. Davey Crockett runs for re-election to Congress and gets an unexpected lesson from a farmer on the meaning of the Constitution. Is it proper to give away other people’s money (tax dollars) for charity? 32 minutes. crockettinaudarchive
leejohninaudarchive Natural Progesterone This lecture by Dr. John Lee is based on his book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Menopause. It offers vital information for women over 35 and men over 60. This is not just about menopause. It is about breast cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, PMS, energy levels, libido, aging, and much more. 78 minutes.